What can you get from joining CodEng's Online Academy

  • easy-to-understand explanations of key coding concepts for teachers and students

  • fun projects which will help you develop key software development skills

  • one-to-one contact to help you debug your projects

  • regularly updates from the world of tech

  • go from a user of tech to a creator of it!

  • downloadable code and PDF's for teachers

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Tech and Robotics Online Code Camp


I enjoyed how tech news was combined with robotics. That was a great approach!

Python Course was cool!


I loved they way we were free to develop our projets how we wanted to. I enjoyed the challenge of installing Pygame - that was project in itself!

Tech and Robotics Online Code Camp


I learned how to programme a robot. I never thought I'd be able to do that.

Python Course was great!


It was such a full immersion Python course which covered so much. We covered Turtle, Pygame, AI, the latest tech news and more. I really enjoyed it.

Tech and Robotics Online Code Camp


I really enjoyed these five days. I learnt a lot! I also realised that it's not that hard to programme a robotic vacuum cleaner!

Tech and Robotics Online Code Camp


I think this was great and I want to do it again. I learnt loads of stuff I never knew before.

Hi from the Founder

Hi, my name is Derval O'Neill. I founded CodEng in October 2015 to get young people between the ages of 10 and 16 excited about coding, robotics and tech trends. Understanding not just how to use technology but how to create it is at the core of what I teach. Making it fun along the way, is also key. My courses are designed to help aspiring coders get excited about creating their own web page, building a video game, programming a robot and understanding the key tech topics driving the industry today. I teach digital skills at Scuola Manfredini in Varese, to European School students in Ispra amongst others. In April 2021, I was invited by Stanford University to teach Python online as part of their worldwide Code in Place initiative.